Revolution Watch Podcast Episode 20: rolex cellini replica watches Lung Lung Thun

This episode features rolex cellini replica watches, one founder of the Shanghai Watch Gang.Omega Replica We talk about how they came to be, what the differences are between Asian and western collectors, and whether watch brands can connect with them.

rolex cellini replica watches and Lung Lung Thun

We also discuss the Shanghai Watch Festival.Replica Watches Our previous guest Lung Lung Tun returns to talk about The Waiting List Podcast. The podcast was launched by Alex and Lung Lung Thun.

Show notes

(00:00) Introduction

(00:14) Shanghai Watch Gang Instagram Account

(10:30) What The SWG Means to You

(16:59) Shanghai Watch Festival

The Waiting List Podcast (22:56).

(25:10) Meeting the Sino Watch Guy

(43:31). Are Asian Collectors Being Helped by Brands?

(01:17:53) Outro

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rolex cellini replica watches